griffin survivor iphone 4s 5s 4 5 cases

Long time no write blog really long time no write it but don’t remember how long do not remember it could not help but want to tell a story about a fool and griffin survivor cases story.

In an afternoon to test the second time the entrance examination of the morning, remember that day is Friday, the fool and the griffin survivor cases are in the same class, but also the English class, it is the fool first talk to griffin survivor cases, but griffin survivor cases is already half of the students, but had never spoken, see the first face is still a afternoon, the fool’s classmates come to griffin survivor cases students, the fool and his students just met griffin survivor cases and her classmates, fool say griffin survivor cases like he is a class, fool, remember, griffin survivor cases didn’t look up, like playing mobile phone.

Fool griffin survivor cases and the first speech, actually is to help students find a griffin survivor cases to contact. The fool doesn’t know what is called griffin survivor iphone 4s cases, for fear of embarrassment, to find the griffin survivor cases borrowed English homework, like a fool is not done, see the name, write it down, copied after the operation is also back, and then in the mobile phone and looked up the word of a half day did not found, then the following afternoon exam the answers of reason, to find a griffin survivor cases to the buttoning a shirt number and mobile phone number, then note when doesn’t know how to fight, finally with handwritten barely hit the word, put down, but still don’t know how to read? It embarrassed the message asked griffin survivor cases, how to read the word, she told him to read Yi, four sound, the fool is perhaps a reason, has a remarkable memory, write down the never forgotten, especially names.

To immediately after to fool friends, also told friends her name fool, fool friends received very grateful to fool, fool said lift a finger, also worry that others do not give, because it is an English class is also likely to. So the fool friends with griffin survivor cases, the fool asked with? Results griffin survivor cases ask fool you have two numbers, how with me again? Fool fool friends ask griffin survivor iphone 5s cases is how to add, fool friends is to fool the name and the fool fool, immediately let friends to explain away, say two words, should be the fool of the students, were added later, a friend told the fool, he sent a message to griffin survivor cases don’t get back let a fool, fool to chat with her, actually not so will chat, more do not talk to chat with the girls, I remember the first time take the initiative to find a griffin survivor cases chat, or in the Friday afternoon, on the day of entrance examination, a fool with a mobile phone cheating, copied and fill in the blank solution, then only 40 options question, because behind classmates find fool fool speech, told that several students to answer, have been warned by the teacher, the teacher standing, students are asked to find answers to fool, fool and told him, this time by the teacher directly grasp the papers, reference materials and a mobile phone. Under the table actually, when the teacher folded paper, saying that you are using a mobile phone, a fool’s paper is accepted

then my mind blank for a few seconds, immediately went to ask the teacher to make reference back, but the teachers do not agree, stupid Child remember also to griffin survivor cases the answer, the teacher hands away from the data, and throw it in the trash, fool that moment not to think of the consequences, the answer to the griffin survivor cases, but the griffin survivor cases has issued a come over, said she handed in the paper, but not copy, fool that the girl is very straightforward. Very good. The fool asked her why you like it? She said she likes singing. The fool says there is time to sing griffin survivor cases agreed to go out. Fools told this news to a friend, a friend just waiting to talk time, because it was a fool fool friends to help him about. Also remember that in June 7th, it was the first time a fool out with griffin survivor iphone 4 cases, griffin survivor cases than a fool to the school gate, then two people together to take the bus, on the bus a fool knows griffin survivor cases is lost, griffin survivor cases said to look a fool fool to mobile phone, griffin survivor cases, griffin survivor cases says mobile phone shell is ugly, but the fool think just like griffin survivor cases said, for a fool for mobile phone shell, fool a fool say yeah, estimation is make fun of it didn’t care, but in the fool’s birthday, griffin survivor cases really gave a mobile phone shell, there are 7 cards, respectively is Monday to Sunday, the last card.

griffin survivor iphone 5 cases said eat ice cream fool and griffin survivor cases together to the fool friends school and then bought ice cream for griffin survivor cases, and then waiting for the fool classmate campaign ended, three people go to sing, the results of running out of the situation, far beyond the scheduled time, sometimes really plan couldn’t catch up with change, success fool friend elected vice chairman, already very late, fool proposed to go to the movies, because singing too late. griffin survivor cases said she did not spend the night in the outside, but no consensus, only next time, they were not to have a meal, the fool took griffin survivor cases to a school cafeteria with friends, griffin survivor cases around the school canteen went a circle, finally griffin survivor cases said eat steamed buns, the moment the fool that this girl is not picky, is a good girl, the fool in mind, this girl really good.